The 5 Best Fog Machines for Halloween

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Are you looking to improve your Halloween display without breaking the bank? Let’s take a look at the best fog machines for Halloween and make your display the spookiest on the block. With so many different models, deciding on the best fog machine for you can be difficult. Some models can be used for indoor or outdoor effects, allowing you to give your party an eerie sensation, or make your outside decorations more spooky. These units are powered through a simple connection to a wall outlet, and fueled with fog liquid, making the setup and cleaning process a breeze.

You might be thinking, “What’s the difference, they all just produce fog, right?” The answer to that is no, many different models can spice up your theme. Different colored LED lights to make your effects stand out, strobe lights to enhance your atmosphere, and even wireless remotes to control your unit on command.

Key Features

  • When deciding on the right model for you, some additional features to consider are output distance, tank capacity, fluid consumption, warm-up time, unit size, and weight:
    • Output distance refers to how far the fog will be traveling, important to note as want your effect to cover your display.
    • Tank capacity determines how much liquid your unit can hold.
    • Fluid consumption when considered with tank capacity, will give a general idea as to how long the fog will last before needing a refill.
    • Warm-up time is ultimately how long the unit will take to heat to the appropriate temperature to produce fog.
    • Unit size and weight are important to acknowledge for overall mobility.

You do not want your unit underperforming your expectations, so let’s break down these products to find the best fit for you.

5 Best Fog Machines For Halloween

1. AGPTEK Fog Machine – Best Overall

AGPTEK Smoke Machine, Fog Machine with 13 Colorful LED Lights

The AGPTEK Fog Machine is a top seller with excellent accessories to amplify your Halloween experience. The unit features 13 colorful LED lights giving you full access to customization. The lights provide 4 different speed effects: fade, flash, smooth, and strobe.  The output distance of this unit is about 6-10 feet for approximately 25 seconds. This unit will certainly provide enough fog for your desired usage.

The unit is equipped with easy-to-use wireless remotes: One to turn the fog machine on and off, and another to control the LED display, allowing simple access to a variety of colors. The unit takes roughly 3-4 minutes to warm up and features a 250ml tank. Overall this unit will more than get the job done and includes many features to magnify your Halloween atmosphere. 

Key Specs

  • 13 Colors With RGB Light Effect
  • Wireless Remote Controls
  • 6-10 Feet Fog Output
  • Lightweight (4.53 Pounds)
  • 250ml Tank

2. Fansteck Fog Machine with an automatic timer- Best Hands Free

Upgraded Fog Machine with Continuous Fog, Fansteck Halloween Smoke Machine

The Fansteck Halloween Fog Machine is the perfect unit for individuals who do not want to manually click a remote to produce fog. This unit also includes a wireless remote control to begin functioning the autorun feature. The output distance of this unit is approximately 6-10 feet during the respected mode. The unit is well equipped with a 300ml tank for long-lasting fog production and a warm-up time of roughly 3-5 minutes. This unit is designed for those who do not want to hassle with the task of keeping up with their fog machine for their desired needs. The easy-to-use autorun modes will surely keep your hands free and let you enjoy the Halloween night!

Key Specs

  • Continuous Fog with 3 Modes
  • Wireless Remote Control Accessibility
  • 6-10 Feet Fog Output
  • 300ml Tank For Long Lasting Fog
  • Long Lasting Fluid Consumption (7.5 ml/min)
  • Lightweight and Portable (4 Pounds)

3. ADJ Products MISTER-KOOL-II – Best for Outdoors

ADJ Products MISTER-KOOL-II Grave Yard Low Lying Water Based Fog

The ADJ Products Mister-Kool-II is a well compact unit that will give your outdoor display the boost you’re looking for. The low-lying fog will stay low to the ground similar to a dry ice effect, but without the hassle. This will make your graveyard scene more eerie or give your doorway a spooky touch. The unit does not require c02 or dry ice to properly function, simply add ice and fog liquid to begin running.

The unit itself is 19 pounds but is portable with a built-in carry handle attached. The remote attached to the unit offers easy-to-use controls for your desired needs. You can set the specified interval and duration of the fog production, or even manually control the unit. If you are looking for a durable model that will more than meet your expectations, then this is the right fit for you!

Key Specs

  • Creates Low-Lying Fog
  • Easy Clean-Up with Drainage Hose Included
  • Warm-Up Time of 3 Minutes
  • Remote Control with Customizable Features 
  • Tough and Durable Quality
  • Output Capacity of 3,000cfm (cubic feet per minute)

4. JDR FMB-500 Fog Machine – Best Budget

Fog Machine JDR Smoke Machine Controllable LED Light 500W and

Finding a budget-friendly quality model can be difficult, but look no further than the JDR FMB-500 Fog Machine. The unit is portable weighing in at 3 pounds and equipped with 3 LED lights for display. There is a wired and wireless remote feature, allowing up to a 50-meter radius of control. The warm-up time is roughly 3-4 minutes and provides 14-30 seconds of spraying. If you want to test the waters with fog machines but do not want to heavily invest, then this highly-rated model will get the job done.

Key Specs

  • Lightweight and Portable (3 Pounds)
  • Wired and Wireless Remote Accessibility
  • 3 Led Lights 
  • Warm-Up Time of 3-4 Minutes
  • Highly Rated and Budget Friendly
  • Output Capacity of 2,000cfm (cubic feet per minute)

5. Rockville R1200L Fog Machine – Best Features

Rockville R1200L Fog/Smoke Machine w LED Lights/Strobe, 7 Channel DMX+2

The Rockville R1200L Fog Machine is a top-of-the-line unit for a reason. This unit is equipped with 6 RGB LED lights, a strobe effect, 7-channel DMX, and 2 remotes. With both the wired and wireless remotes you have full access to customization. You could choose a solid color to display, or even have the lights change colors. The speed of the lights is interchangeable to produce a strobing effect.

There is even a mode for sound activation which will have the lights in tune with the beat of the music. The unit contains a 1.2L tank and takes approximately 4-5 minutes to warm up. The unit itself is durable weighing in at 11 pounds and contains a handle for easy transportation. If you are looking for a unit that offers more than just fog, then this product will more than satisfy your needs.

Key Specs

  • 6 RGB LED Lights
  • 7 Channel DMX
  • Wired and Wireless Remote Accessibility 
  • Large 1.2L Tank
  • Light Customization
  • Sound Activated Mode
  • Warm-Up Time of 4-5 Minutes
  • Output Capacity of 12,000cfm (cubic feet per minute)

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