What Is The Best Fog Machine On Amazon? (Top 5)

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You stumble upon Amazon ready to purchase a fog machine. But there are so many different makes and models that it starts to overwhelm you. You do not want to settle with just anything, you want the BEST fog machine on Amazon. No need to fret, because we will make your job easy in this review. First, we will go over the fog machine basics, then we will touch on key characteristics, and finally, take a look at the best on Amazon.

Fog machines can offer many different types of features. Some models have LED lights, strong wattage, wireless remote control, fast warm-up times, or even large fluid capacity tanks. These attributes need to be considered because you do not want to be left unsatisfied with a fog machine that is not fulfilling your effect. Let’s take a deeper look into the initial fundamentals that need to be established.

Heated Fog Machine vs Chilled Fog Machine

There are two types of fog machines, heated and chilled. A heated fog machine works by heating both the fog liquid and a water solution to produce a dense vapor that gives the fog effect. Now a chilled fog machine will either require dry ice and water, or fog liquid and ice. When dry ice is combined with heated water, this causes the dry ice to sublimate and create a thick fog. Similarly, heated fog liquid can be combined with ice to give that same effect without the need for dry ice. If you have ever seen low-lying fog that looks like it’s hugging the ground, that is produced by a chilled fog machine. Understanding the differences between these fog machines is crucial, so you do not get stuck with a unit that is difficult with production.

Some science behind fog production needs to be mentioned to achieve your effect. Warm air tends to rise, whereas cold air will sink. A heated fog machine should be operated outside in cooler weather. The heated fog machine produces a hot vapor, so the outside air needs to be colder, or else the fog will rise and disperse. A chilled fog machine produces a colder vapor, so the outside air needs to be warmer. When the dense vapor is released, it weighs more than the outside air, allowing it to fall and stay low to the ground. If you were to use a chilled fog machine on a very cold day, you might not get the effect you were hoping for. If you are operating the fog machine indoors, there are a lot fewer variables that need to be considered.

Which is Better?

Let’s say you are trying to improve your Halloween effect, and want to make your yard feel eerie and spooky. You would want a low-lying fog machine that lets the fog hover just above the ground to intensify your atmosphere. This low-lying effect is achieved with a chilled fog machine and could be used for weddings, photography, stage effects, you name it! A low-lying fog machine is your ideal product if you want your fog to be more contained at ground level.

A low-lying fog machine is not the only answer for great fog production. One drawback to chilled fog machines is the need for dry ice and water, or fog liquid and ice. Let’s say you do want a fog machine for an indoor or outdoor effect, but do not want the upkeep involved with a chilled fog machine. Therefore, a heated fog machine would be in your best interest. These fog machines typically produce more fog and could be used for Halloween, weddings, concerts, photography, or any other event you can think of!

There is no correct answer when deciding between a chilled and heated fog machine. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which unit is more suitable based on the requirements for production and the effect you want to achieve. Also, ask yourself “Where you will be using this machine?” as nature could have an unpleasant consequence on your effect.

Most Important Fog Machine Features

You could pick up a fog machine that looks great, has beautiful LED lights, and a wireless remote, but does not get the job done when it comes to fog execution. Yes, those features are nice, but the top 3 we want to take into account are wattage, tank capacity, and control method.

Wattage is the amount of power required to operate the unit. Generally the higher the wattage, the more fog it will produce. Your “regular fog machine” will roughly consist of 400-500 watts, which will output around 2000 cubic feet per minute, and reach 6-10 feet in distance. Now that might be all the fog you need; therefore, a 400w fog machine could be perfect for you. We will, however, be examining units with a much higher wattage, since we want the best fog machine on Amazon.

Tank capacity refers to how much fog liquid, dry ice, or water your unit can hold. This is a very important feature to acknowledge because you do not want the constant burden of refilling your unit. Imagine you are hosting a party at your house, but hardly have time to enjoy yourself since you are more occupied with keeping the fog machine up and running. That is why we will only review fog machines that contain a respectable tank capacity size, and ensure long-lasting fog production.

The control method can vary with products. Some units require manual control at the unit for proper function, there are units with wireless control accessibility or even a hands-free automatic timer. You need a fog machine that is capable of multiple forms of control. This will let you not feel confined to a specific space when operating your fog machine. A manual control, however, could be exactly what you want. That will allow complete control and a more precise accuracy with your fog effect.

Additional Key Characteristics

From this point, you have a better understanding of the qualities we look for in a fog machine, and how we can use that information to help us find the best fog machine on Amazon. Now let’s take a look at some more fog machine features you need to be familiar with.

  • Warm-up Time is ultimately how long the unit will take when powered on to begin producing fog. If you are looking for a unit that requires a quick setup, then a long warm-up time would not be ideal.
  • Output Distance refers to how far the fog will be traveling. This is crucial when strategizing the display and where the effect needs to be presented.
  • Unit Size and Weight are significant when thinking of transporting and overall space acquired during the occasion.

With these features in mind, let’s find the best fog machine on Amazon!

The Best Fog Machine on Amazon (Top 5)

1. CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1600 – Best Outdoors

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1600 Compact High-Output Fog Machine w/Timer Remote

Let’s refer back to the 3 most crucial fog machine features we look for in a unit: strong wattage, large fluid capacity, and multiple control methods. The Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1600 checks off all of these boxes! This 1,580-watt unit is capable of producing a fog output of 25,000 cubic feet per minute. The unit contains a fluid capacity of 2.4 liters and consumes 120ml/min.

This model does allow DMX control and wireless controller accessibility, but that is sold separately. This unit does come with a wired remote control, giving you access to 3 modes: timer, manual, and continuous. With the timer mode, you can set the interval of how long between each fog burst, the duration of the fog burst, and even the output amount. The warm-up time is roughly 4 minutes, and an advanced fluid sensor protects your pump from overheating. This unit weighs around 13.7 pounds making it very lightweight and compact.

This model gives you complete access to customization and awe-inspiring fog production. When utilizing a fog machine outdoors, we do not want the operation to be difficult. This model did everything right for the consumer, ensuring long-lasting, quality fog production! Want to see more outdoor fog machines? Check out The 9 Best Outdoor Fog Machines.

2. ADJ Products VF1100 – Best Budget

ADJ Products VF1100 Fog Machine

Searching for a high-performing fog machine that won’t break the bank can be difficult, but that is not the case with the ADJ Products VF1100. Sure you could find yourself a cheaper model on Amazon, but that will not compare to the specifications of this unit. This is an 850-watt unit and produces a fog output of 9,000 cubic feet per minute! The unit contains a 1-liter fog fluid tank and a fluid level indicator that will automatically shut off to protect your pump.

Generally, inexpensive models do not come with a large tank, but this unit is ready for long production. The warm-up time is only 6 minutes, giving you great fog production in a short amount of time. The unit comes with a wired and wireless remote, allowing you to operate from any desired location. Some models have access to wireless remotes but are sold separately, so this is a nice feature to be included with the unit.

The unit is relatively small in size and weighs roughly 8 pounds. This model is perfect for transportation with the attached handle and lightweight features. It will be tough to find a fog machine that offers the same quality features at a cheaper price tag, so pick up this unit for the best bang for your buck!

3. ADJ Products Fog Fury Jett – Best Features

Fog Fury Jett

Most of the fog machines on Amazon that are equipped with LED lights, typically lack strong fog production. The ADJ Products Fog Fury Jett is an outlier when compared to others. This is a 700-watt unit and produces a fog output of 20,000 cubic feet per minute! This model can produce a blast of fog up to 25 feet! With this unit, you are certainly not sacrificing fog production when looking for a machine loaded with features. Color can be added to your fog effect with the 12, 3-watt RGBA LED bulbs.

Another exciting feature this fog machine offers is the interchangeable mounting options, allowing vertical or horizontal fog! This model offers 3 modes: manual, remote control, or DMX-controlled. The machine is equipped with a 3-liter external fog fluid tank and consumes 120 ml/min. This a very low-maintenance fog machine with built-in safety features like Thermo Sensing Technology to maintain optimum heat levels, Clog Prevention, Safety Loop, and a Low Fluid Indicator.

The warm-up time is only 9 minutes and the weight of the unit is only 16 pounds with a convenient carrying handle attached. This machine is perfect for taking your effect to the next level, while still promising solid fog production!

4. Chauvet DJ Cumulus – Best Low Lying

CHAUVET DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus)

The Chauvet DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus) is a top-of-the-line product designed by the reputable company of Chauvet. This unit comes with an impeccable design giving you trust and certainty that your needs will be satisfied. The case is sturdy and provides wheels for transportation that can be locked to prevent accidental roll-away. The most amazing feature is that this unit does not require dry ice! The unit requires fog fluid, capable of holding 9 gallons, and distilled water, with a capacity of 2 gallons.

This unit is event-ready and designed for long-lasting fog production. Attached to the unit is a digital control panel that gives you access to fog output interval, fog output duration, fog volume, fan speed, fluid sensor, and much more! The unit can also work with a DMX controller, giving you access from a remote location.

The warm-up time is remarkably fast, only taking 3 minutes to begin fog production. This unit is loaded with customizable features making it one of the best low-lying fog machines on Amazon! If you want quality production and maximum control, look no further than the Chauvet DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus). Want to see more low-lying fog machines? Check out The 6 Best Low Lying Fog Machines.

5. Chauvet DJ Nimbus – Best Chilled

Chauvet DJ Nimbus Professional Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine

The Chauvet DJ Nimbus sets the bar for fog production. This is a 1,500-watt unit with a single element and 3,000 watts with a dual element. The user manual does not state the fog output, but when looking at the wattage we can justify that this will perform just fine. This is a chilled fog machine, and the unit is capable of holding 4.5 gallons of water and 10 pounds of dry ice. If you are using one source of power then the warm-up time is 50 minutes, but with two power sources, the warm-up time is only 30 minutes.

You can easily control the fog output with the adjustable, multi-level control handle attached to the unit. This is your ideal model when wanting complete control of your fog for your effect. There is even a low water sensor that will help regulate tank capacity, ensuring the safety of your product.

The unit can weigh up to 75 pounds when fully loaded with water and dry ice, but there is a cart included that will make transporting your unit a swift process throughout the event. This unit is loaded with high-caliber features making it the ultimate fog machine for you!

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