The 6 Best Low Lying Fog Machines

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Do you have an upcoming event that could use some special effects? A Halloween display that you want to be the spookiest on the block? Let’s dive into the best low lying fog machines that will get the party started!

When deciding on the perfect unit for you, we first need to determine what type of event this will be for? Are you using this for an indoor or outdoor effect? There are models with large fluid capacity tanks, fast warm-up times, and even wireless remotes to control your unit on command. These are some of the features that need to be considered when deciding on the best fit for your occasion. You do not want your unit underperforming your expectations, or becoming more of a hassle than you anticipated. Therefore, in this review, we will break down some key questions, along with important fog machine characteristics to help ease the selection process.

Fog MachineUnit NameFeaturesPrice
ADJ Products MISTER-KOOL-II Grave Yard Low Lying Water Based Fog MISTER-KOOL-II-Budget Friendly
-No Need For Dry Ice
-Easy Clean-Up
-Remote Control
-Tough and Durable
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3500W Fog Machine Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine DJ 3500W Fog Machine-Large Fog Production
-Dry Ice and Water Powered
-Includes Tube and Nozzle
-Manual Control, No Remote Included
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Chauvet DJ Nimbus Professional Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine Chauvet DJ Nimbus-Professional Quality
-Dry Ice and Water Powered
-Low Water Sensor
-Manual Output Control
-Includes a Cart for Transportation
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CHAUVET DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus) CHAUVET DJ Cumulus-Customizable Features
-No Need for Dry Ice! 
-Wheels Attached
-Digital Control Panel
-DMX Controller Access
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ADJ Entour Ice Professional Low Lying High Density Fog Machine, ADJ Entour Ice -Road Travel Case Included
-Dry Ice and Water Powered
-On-board LED Display
-Water Level Sensor 
-DMX Controller Access
-Includes Fog Hose
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Poseidon A2 - Ultrasonic Low-Lying Fog Generator Poseidon Aqua 2-No Need for Dry Ice! 
-LCD Manual Control Board
-Wheels Attached to Case
-DMX Controller Access
-Unlimited Fog Production
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Low Lying Fog Machine vs Traditional Fog Machine?

Believe it or not, fog production can vary between different units, making each model unique. A low-lying fog machine will produce fog that stays closer to the ground. The fog is produced at a much cooler temperature than the outside air, allowing the fog to fall, as opposed to a traditional fog machine. This can give the walking-on-a-cloud effect for a wedding, or an eerie graveyard scene for Halloween. Now to receive this effect you will need a combination of ice and fog fluid or dry ice.

A traditional fog machine works similarly to a low-lying fog machine but also has its differences. Yes, they both produce fog, but a traditional fog machine heats the fog liquid instead of cooling it. When dispersed, the fog is less dense than that of a low-lying fog machine, causing it to rise as opposed to fall.

When to Use a Low-Lying Fog Machine?

A low-lying fog machine is your ideal product if you want your fog to be more contained. You will not have to worry about the fog rising and dispersing at random as you would with a traditional fog machine. Imagine you are using a traditional fog machine at a wedding event, you would not want the fog covering the area to the point that people’s vision is affected. That is why with a low-lying fog machine you will be able to control the fog and produce unbelievable effects in a more precise manner.

After understanding the differences between the two fog machines, you can begin to understand how the low-lying fog machine can be more advantageous for your desired effect. These units can be used both indoors and outdoors, but some things need to be considered. If you are outside on a hot day, a low-lying fog machine will not perform to the best of its abilities as it would on a cold day. Remember, the fog produced is cold which allows it to fall instead of rising, but if there is additional heat interfering, this could alter your display. Also, the wind is another external factor to examine. The fog produced is light in weight, so keeping note of wind speed will help plan your effects. As you can see, indoor usage will have a lot fewer variables to worry about, but outdoor operation is certainly possible.

Key Fog Machine Characteristics

When deciding on the best low-lying fog machine, many different features are important to acknowledge for each unit.

  • Tank Capacity refers to how much fog liquid or dry ice your unit can hold. Important to note, that you do not want to operate a unit that requires more refilling than intended.
  • Warm-up Time is ultimately how long the unit will take when powered on to begin producing fog. If you are looking for a unit that requires a quick setup, then a long warm-up time would not be ideal.
  • Output Distance refers to how far the fog will be traveling. This is crucial when strategizing the display and where the effect needs to be presented.
  • Unit Size and Weight are significant when thinking of transporting and overall space acquired during the occasion.
  • Control Methods can vary with products. Some units require manual control at the unit for proper function, there are units with wireless control accessibility or even a hands-free automatic timer.

With these features in mind, let’s break down these products to find the best unit for you.

5 Best Low Lying Fog Machines

1. ADJ Products MISTER-KOOL-II – Best Budget

ADJ Products MISTER-KOOL-II Grave Yard Low Lying Water Based Fog

The ADJ Products Mister-Kool-II is the best low-lying fog machine at an affordable price. Many other units are quite costly to produce this low-lying effect. This unit does not require dry ice to properly function, simply add ice and fog liquid to begin creating your effect. The unit is tough and durable weighing in at only 19 pounds. There is even a built-in carry handle that will make transporting this unit a breeze.

The warm-up time is considerably fast at only 3 minutes, so you can begin producing fog in no time! There is a unique drainage system that is attached and allows for an easy clean-up process. The remote attached to the unit offers easy-to-use controls for your desired needs. You can set the specified interval and duration of the fog production, or even manually control the unit. If you are looking for a fog machine that is beginner friendly, yet still produces the desired low-lying effect, then this unit will be perfect for you!

2. 3500W Fog Machine Dry Ice Low Lying Fog – Best Upgrade

3500W Fog Machine Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine DJ


This 3500W Fog Machine is the perfect unit for an increase in effect at a reasonable price. If you are looking to produce some serious fog, then this unit will more than get the job done. This unit is great for giving that dreamy wedding effect or making a stage performance feel mythical. The unit requires dry ice, capable of holding 22lbs, and water, with a capacity of 3 gallons. The unit takes approximately 15 minutes to warm up and can cover an area of 150m²/1614ft².

The maximum output of fog can last roughly 5-6 minutes before needing to be refueled. There is also an electronic temperature control that will allow you to alter the density of the fog to produce a more precise effect. The unit itself weighs about 18lbs and has two handles attached which will make transportation undemanding. The unit even includes a tube and nozzle that will enhance your fog accuracy toward your desired target. If you want to give your event that extra touch of magic, I highly recommend this unit!

3. Chauvet DJ Nimbus- Best Professional

Chauvet DJ Nimbus Professional Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine

The Chauvet DJ Nimbus is produced by a reputable company with a quality design promising durability and longevity. The fog production is truly remarkable as it hugs the floor to achieve that breathtaking effect. The unit requires dry ice, capable of holding 10 lbs, and water, with a capacity of 4.5 gallons. The unit contains an optional power input next to the main power unit to increase the water heating process. It is important to note that this secondary power input must be plugged into a separate circuit.

If you are using one source of power then the warm-up time is 50 minutes, but with two power sources, the warm-up time is only 30 minutes. You can easily control the fog output with the adjustable, multi-level control handle attached to the unit. There is even a low water sensor that will help regulate tank capacity, ensuring the safety of your product. The unit can weigh up to 75 pounds when fully loaded with water and dry ice, but there is a cart included that will make transporting your unit a swift process throughout the event. This unit is loaded with high-caliber features making it the ultimate fog machine for you!

4. CHAUVET DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus) – Best for Events

CHAUVET DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus)

The Chauvet DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus) is a top-of-the-line product designed by a reputable company of Chauvet. This unit comes with an impeccable design giving you trust and certainty that your needs will be satisfied. The case is sturdy and provides wheels for transportation that can be locked to prevent accidental roll-away. The most amazing feature is that this unit does not require dry ice! The unit requires fog fluid, capable of holding 9 gallons, and distilled water, with a capacity of 2 gallons. Attached to the unit is a digital control panel that gives you access to fog output interval, fog output duration, fog volume, fan speed, fluid sensor, and much more!

The unit can also work with a DMX controller, giving you access from a remote location. The warm-up time is remarkably fast, only taking 3 minutes to begin fog production. This unit is loaded with customizable features making it one of the best low-lying fog machines on the market! If you want quality production and maximum control, look no further than the Chauvet DJ Fog Machine (Cumulus).

5. ADJ Entour Ice – Best for Travel

ADJ Entour Ice Professional Low Lying High Density Fog Machine,

The ADJ Entour Ice is a high-tech unit loaded with features to give you complete control. This unit is well suited for travel with attached wheels and even comes with a road case to store the fog machine. This tour-grade flight case cover will leave you with no worries when traveling on the road or even flying with your unit. There is an onboard LED display with a 6-button control giving you access to water temperature, fog volume, fog output duration, fog output interval, and much more. There are 3 modes of operation: built-in timer, manual, or DMX control.

This allows you to be versatile in production, with multiple ways to control. The unit requires dry ice and water, capable of holding 26.5 lbs of dry ice and 8.5 gallons of water. The unit is also equipped with a water level sensor that will automatically turn off the pump when the water is too low. Another great feature is that the cooler box within the unit can keep the dry ice cold for up to 10 hours. The product also includes a 5ft fog conduction hose to improve fog accuracy. This unit is filled with features that will enhance your fog experience, but the additional case solidifies it as the best low-lying fog machine for travel!

6. The Froggy’s Fog – Poseidon Aqua 2 – Best Performing

Poseidon A2 - Ultrasonic Low-Lying Fog Generator


The Poseidon A2 is the most effective low-lying fog machine when considering execution. This unit does not require dry ice, yet simply needs fog liquid and a direct water source. That means with a direct connection to a water supply your only task is to refill the fog liquid. This is perfect for any event that requires a lengthy production of fog, without the burden of keeping up with dry ice or water! The unit even contains a low fluid sensor that will assist you in the need for a refill. The fog fluid tank is capable of holding 0.8 gallons and the warm-up time is roughly 4 minutes. Once the unit is powered on it can perform at the maximum continuous output level, for an unlimited amount of time.

As long as the unit is appropriately refilled with fog liquid, there is no need for the machine to reheat! Attached to the device is a manual LCD control giving you access to fog output, fan speed, physical thermostat, and much more! The unit also offers DMX controller accessibility, giving you a wired connection from your desired location. This unit is one of a kind, and when searching for a low-lying fog machine that guarantees a long-lasting performance, there is no better option!